• Some FUN Ways to Practice




    Word Books:  Make a word book by folding and stapling construction or white paper.  Students can put their name on the front and decorate the cover.  As students encounters high-frequency words, they will add them to their book.  They may use the book as a reference when reading new texts.


    Word Detective:  Place sight word cards around the room, as student finds the words he/she must identify the word to earn a point.  Keep track of his/her score and progressively add more words each time so he/she can see the score increase.


    Memory:  Create two of each sight word cards.  Lay the cards face down on the floor.  Students take turns trying to make identical words.  The student with the most pairs wins.


    Funny Voices:  Flash the cards to students and have each student read a word in a robot voice, an old voice, a squeaky voice, a monster voice, or any other silly voice.


    Swat!  Place word cards on the floor or table.  Give the student a flyswatter.  Read one of the words and have student identify the word by “swatting” it.  Student can earn points for each correctly swatted word.  This game can also be played in teams, with the first team to swat the word getting the point.


    Rhyming Game:  Read each sight word and think of a real or “silly” (nonsense) word that rhymes with the sight word.


    Bean Bag Toss:  Lay out the words on the floor.  Get a bean bag or a soft toy (small stuffed animal).  Say a word and the student needs to toss the toy on the word!


    Blast Off!:  Start crouched down on the floor and rise as you say each letter, and then YELL OUT THE WORD!


    Cheer It!:  Say “give me an h, give me an a, give me a t” to spell “hat”.


    Writing Practice:  Practice writing each sight word 3 times (with colorful paints or crayons or markers!)