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                TheWallingford Swarthmore School District believes that music is essential tolife, and is an integral part of all cultures.  Music provides a universal language, which bonds all personsartistically, emotionally, and intellectually.  The Band program at Strath Haven Middle School is acomprehensive instrumental music program that is open to all interestedstudents in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Over 250 students of our middle schoolstudents actively participate in the band activities.

                Theconcert bands are the mainstay of the program.  The 6th Grade Concert Band, 7th GradeSymphonic Band, and the 8th Grade Wind Ensemble are fully balancedensembles consisting of the following instrumentation:

    flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet,bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone,

     bari saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium,tuba, percussion.

                Inaddition to the concert band program, band students are encouraged to auditionfor the many smaller ensembles offered such as jazz band, flute ensemble,clarinet choir, brass ensemble, and percussion ensemble, etc…

                Pleaseread through the following information to become familiar with the band programat Strath Haven Middle School.  Ifyou have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.





    Rehearsal Schedule


                The three Strath Haven Middle School Bands rehearse before the start of the school day.  Rehearsal time is 7:00 – 7:45am.  The schedule operates on a three-day rotation with each band rehearsing once every third school day.  Parents provide transportation to rehearsal.  Many parents form carpools to help with transportation.

                Students need to report to rehearsal by 7:00 am on their designated day in order for practicet o begin promptly at 7:00 am.  Consistent attendance to all rehearsals is required and is essential to your child’s musical success.  A monthly calendar will be posted online to assist you and your child with the rehearsal schedule.










    Morning Drop – OffProcedure


                Studentscoming to school for the morning rehearsals will need to be dropped off on the CopplesRoad entrance to the middle school. All drop offs should be made in the lower tier of the parking lot.  Please do not go up into the school buslane.


                JazzBand and other small ensembles will rehearse immediately after school; 2:30 pm– 3:05 pm.  These ensemblesgenerally form at the end of October and participation in these ensembles is bystudent audition.



    Group Lessons


                Itis important for your child’s instrumental music growth that he/she studiestheir instrument with a private music instructor and/or participates in thesmall group lessons provided at school. Small group lessons are taught once each week during the school day on arotating pullout schedule.  The lessons are rotated over seven periods of the school day.  Students report to class and pick upany necessary class work and homework from their teacher before they report tothe band room for their lesson.  Ifa student cannot miss the scheduled class because of a test or specialcircumstance, they do not report to the group music lesson.  Make up lessons are offered at the endof each week.

                Manystudents study their instrument with a private music instructor outside of theschool.  This is an ideal way formaking the best progress on their instrument.  I have included a list of private instructors that I know inthe area.




                In order for students to achieve their fullest potential, it is essential thatthey make a full commitment to the band and to learning their instrument.  Here are a few guidelines that should help them along the way.

    1.  Attend all rehearsals and performances

    2.  Be on time

    3.  Attend lessons consistently

    4. Practice at home at least 5 days each week for approximately 30 minutes each session

    5. Always give your best effort

    6. Be respectful of each other

    7. Take good care of your instrument

    8. Work well together in lessons and in the band

    9. Be organized

    10. Have a positive attitude and have fun








                Throughout the year, students will be assessed on their progress.  I have a series of benchmarks consisting of scales, exercises, songs, ensemble music that students will be expected to learn and perform with accuracy.  Students will receive a grade on their report card based upon their effort, attendance, behavior, and progress.







                The SHMS Music Suite has and instrument locker room that will enable students to lock their instruments in an assigned cabinet during the school day.  Students are expected to secure their instruments in the instrument locker room during the school day and pick up their instrument to take home at the end of school.  Each instrument locker comes supplied with a lock.  Students must have a name tag on their instrument case.  Parents should keep record of the instrument serial number at home.




    METHOD BOOKS– students will purchase these method books through school.

    (Make checks payable to “Strath Haven Middle School)

    Woodwinds and Brass

    6th Grade Band – “Standard of Excellence Book 2                      

    7th Grade Band – “Standard of Excellence Book 3

    8th Grade Band – Essential Technique                     $6.95  (Most 8th grade band members already have this book from the previous year)


                6th  & 7th  Grade – Alfred Drum Method Book 1 -$9.95

                8thGrade Alfred Drum Method Book 2 - $9.95

    (8th grade also uses“Foundations for Superior Performance.” SHMS owns these books and I will loanthem to the student for the year)



                As part of the SHMS Band Curriculum, we incorporate “Smart Music” which is interactive music software that enhances the music learning experience.  The “Standard Of Excellence” series as well as many of our band music titles are correlated to “Smart Music”

                “Smart Music”is available for home use.  The yearly subscription is $36.00.











         Recommended to keep instruments in good playing condition and support your child’s progress.  I suggest using the Music and Arts Website for these purchases.Musicarts.com   


    For all students:

                Hamilton Folding Music Stand

                Qwik Time QT-5 Metronome

    Flute                          Bach Deluxe Silver Polishing Cloth

    Clarinet            Boxof 10 #2 ½or #3  Rico Reeds

                            Vito Reed Holder

                            Selmer Tube Cork Grease

                            Selmer Dri-Bore Swab

    Saxophone            Boxof 10 #2 ½  or #3 Rico Alto SaxReeds

                            Box of 10 #2 ½  or #3 Rico Tenor SaxReeds

                            Box of 10 #2 ½ or #3 Rico Bari Sax Reeds

                            Tube of Selmer Cork Grease

                            MicroLe Pactole Sax Swab

    Trumpet            AlCass Fast Valve Oil

                            Giardinelli Lacquer Polishing Cloth

                            Giardinelli Brass Mouthpiece Brush

                            Selmer Tuning Slide Grease


    French horn            Roche Thomas Rotary Oil

                            Giardinelli Lacquer Polishing Cloth

                            Giardinelli Brass Mouthpiece Brush

                            Selmer Tuning Slide Grease


    Trombone            Conn Superslick Slide Cream           

                            Conn Superslick Spray Bottle

                            Giardinelli Lacquer Polishing Cloth

                            Giardinelli Brass Mouthpiece Brush

                            Selmer Tuning Slide Grease



                            Al Cass Fast Valve Oil

                            Giardinelli Lacquer Polishing Cloth

                            Giardinelli Brass Mouthpiece Brush

                            Selmer Tuning Slide Grease


    Percussion            Vic Firth 5A Wood Tip Drum Sticks