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    ****  Students will be receiving instruction in Reading/vocabulary, Editing/proofreading, Executive Functioning Skills, math skill review and writing.  They will also participate in monthly activities designed to teach them about their IEP. This will limit the amount of time that they will have to receive additional assistance with their content class assignments, projects and studying for tests. All students are welcome to stay after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:35-3:05 for extra help. ***

    Connections -  Student agendas and assignment dates will be reviewed along with other activities designed for the 8th grade. During this time, students can receive help with specific assignments and I will review their subject area grades with them once a week.  If a student needs additional help, they can stay after school with me or their content area teacher.

    Learning Support
    Learning support time is a period when students will work on the following;

    1) Agendas will be reviewed and checked daily.

    2)  Student will have weekly lessons in Reading/vocabulary(Monday), Editing and proofreading(Tuesday), Executive functioning(Wednesday), basic math skill reveiw(Thursday), and writing response practice(Friday).
    3) Anytime that is left students will receive help with homework, review concepts taught in content area classes, study for tests and quizzes, and/or receive help with long term projects.  ** This is not a time for them to complete all of their homework.***
    Students are graded in support based on a point system. Students can earn 50 points per week, 10 points per day. Points will be posted each Friday.  Points are gained the following ways;

    2-points- Participation in math,reading, editing, writing and executive functioning lessons
    2-point- Having assignment book filled out
    2-point- Having books to use during class
    2-Appropriate behaviors
    Work Habits:
    2-points- If the student works the whole class period
    1-point- If the student only works 50% of the period
    0-points- If the student does not work during the period

    Please remember to check your child's agenda nightly! This is very important! Each student works very hard during learning support class but they ALWAYS have more homework to complete at home.
    ****Please remember to check the grade portal on the district website regularly. I check their grades every 2 weeks***

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact me @
    jmaugeri@wssd.org  I post weekly updates about work/reports that are coming up on Fridays