• 8th Grade Computer Science                                            


    Disclaimer: Due to the preservation of the computer room and equipment, NO Food, Drink, Gum, or Electronics will be permitted in class. Failure to comply will result in a reduction to the students’ citizenship grade and/or disciplinary action.

    8th Grade Classwork/Project Policy

    Since this is a project based course, it is essential that students make their best effort to attend class.  However, if a student is absent, they are responsible for any missed work.  Please check the portal often for any missing assignments.  Full credit will be given when work is turned in on time.  

    What you will be learning:

    • Coding - using Code.org and Code HS
    • App Creation
    • Web Design
    • Digital Safety

    Grading Breakdown


    Citizenship Grade 25 pts a quarter
    Digital Safety Participation 2 pts
    Mini Lessons 20 pts
    Final projects 100 pts




    Citizenship: 30%
    Project: 25%
    Class Work: 40%
    Participation: 5% 

    Citizenship Grade

               To ensure all students are working toward the creation of the projects on a daily basis, students will be receiving a daily grade. We will be using class dojo to monitor point accumulation.   In order to earn points, students need to be engaged in the following:

    • Respect Others
    • Look for the BEST in others
    • Be your BEST self
    • BELIEVE in yourself
    • Diligently work for the entire class period
    • Contribute in learning teams and learning partners
    • Assist other students
    • Contribute to class discussion

    Failure to receive full credit for the Citizenship grade can occur when a student:

    •        Disrupts the learning process of other students
    •        Engages in activities unrelated to computer class
    •        Violates the Acceptable Computer Use Pledge!
    •        Uses words or actions that hurt other students
    •        Disrespects teachers, fellow students, and/or equipment
    •        Engages in activity that goes against SHMS Code of Conduct as found in the agenda book

    This is a project-based course. Students will be evaluated based on their ability to follow daily instructions and ability to stay on task.

      Mastery Learning:

               Students are welcome to come after school for extra help or to finish projects worked on in class.