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    7th Grade Health


    Course Title Health & Wellness
    I.      Course Description
                “Health & Wellness” is a required course for all Strath Haven 7th grade students.  This curriculum is designed to help the student think of himself or herself as a contributing young adult whose main responsibility is to his or her well-being.  The course will provide students with the information needed to make healthy decisions.  The course will be taught for approximately 6 weeks.

    II.   Course Content
             A.     Introduction to Drugs
    1. Physical & Psychological Effects of: Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Narcotics, Steroids, Opiates, Marijuana, Inhalants, and Prescription Drugs.

    *   Power Point Lectures

    *   Audio-Visual Materials

    *   Educational Brochures
             B.      Cigarette Smoking & Smokeless Tobacco
    1. Physical & Psychological Effects

    *   Power Point Lectures

    *   Audio-Visual Materials

    *   Inflatable Lungs Demonstration Kit

             C.       Alcohol
    • Physical & Psychological Effects

                                  *   Power Point Lectures

    • Degrees of Intoxication

                                  *   Audio-Visual Material

    • Laws Pertaining to Underage Drinking
                                  *   BAC Goggles


             D.   Chemical Dependency

    • Addiction, Recovery, Relapse

    III.   Types of Student Assessments – Grading Policy

                                * Health Workbook

                          * Tests & Quizzes

                                * Activities

                                * Homework

                                * Projects

            * Class Participation
               behavior - respect - participation - cooperation - positive attitude