• Important Tech Items for All Staff 

     1.   Protect Your Password!

     2.   How Can I Get Tech Help?

    We have upgraded the Technology Help Desk so you can put in your own Help Desk tickets if you would like. 

    • Why would I want to do this?  Your ticket will automatically get routed to the technician responsible for your building that day. 
    • How do I submit a ticket?  Directions >  pdf 
    • Can I still email helpdesk@wssd.org or call ext. 5100?  Yes!  These methods just take longer for your ticket to get routed and assigned to a technician.

    3.   New Employees – Once a new employee is school board approved, the HR department will have the employee sign the WSSD Acceptable Use Policy.  At that point, a network and email account will be created by the Technology Department for the new employee. 

    4.   How to Access WSSD Email?
    • Go to the website https://webmail.wssd.org.
    • Type in your username and password and click OK.
    • Important! When you are done reading your mail, make sure to click on LOG OFF (located in the upper right hand corner). Please do NOT click on the red X to close your email.

    5.     What is the P Drive? This is your PERSONAL drive and where you should save your documents. Do not save any documents to your desktop or My Documents folder. If your computer crashes we will NOT be able to restore any of your documents that are saved to other locations.  Each staff member is allotted 500MB of storage space.

    What is the T Drive? – This is your TEACHER Drive.  It can be used with your students as a digital Hand In, Hand Out Box.  All teachers have a T Drive, and all the students in your building have access to the inbox in your T Drive.  Documentation regarding how to use your T Drive for educational purposes will be posted soon. 
    • View T Drive Basics directions for accessing your teacher folder and using the hand in folder.
    • View T Drive Advance directions for using hand out folder.

    7.   What is the U Drive? – This drive is for CURRICULUM items only.  Please do not post personal items to this drive.