Strath Haven Middle School



                         CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:
                            Students in Line
    1. Be in the classroom in your seat when the bell rings at the beginning and end of class. Do not stand near the door.  Arriving late without a pass, leaving class early, or standing near the door may result in detention
    2. Raise your hand if you want to speak. Do not blurt; it is rude and disrespectful.
    3. Pay attention and follow directions: Be quiet when teacher is talking.
    4. Be responsible and participate: Have your folder and pencil daily and stay on task.
    5. Strive to do your best: Complete all work on time.
    6. Remain seated in your assigned seat.
    7. NO cell phones!
    8. Work for the good of the group. Do not distract your classmates. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Stay in your lab unit.
    9. Respect equipment. Use with care. Return items in clean condition to the proper location.