Strath Haven Middle School



                         CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:
                            Students in Line
     1.   Be seated in your assigned seat and ready to listen when the bell rings.  Check the screen for the daily agenda and assignments.
     2.   Bring a folder and pen or pencil to class daily.  Have these items on your desk when class begins.  All other books are to be placed in the space provided near the door.
     3.   Remain silent and listen when the teacher is talking. Pay attention and follow directions.
     4.   Be respectful with your words and actions.  NO cell phones.
     5.   Stay in the classroom at all times.  If you need to leave, inform the teacher, request a pass, and sign out.
     6.   Use care and common sense in all you do.  Fooling around is unacceptable and may result in serious injury.
     7.   If you cannot find an item you need, ask the teacher.  Do not attempt to search for the item on your own.
     8.   If you finish your work early, remain in your assigned seat.  Do not wander about the room or visit classmates.
     9.   Return all items in good condition and in their correct places before leaving.
    10.   You will be dismissed as a group by the teacher, not by the bell.  If there are jobs in need of completion in your work area, you will be expected to remain and help to cleanup.