• Homework Policy

    Grade 7

    uncle samIn an effort to unify our approach to homework, the 7th grade teachers have outlined clear rules regarding late and missing homework. Our intention is to simplify the homework rules and incompletion consequences and to strongly communicate to our Middle School students the importance of homework completion. The initial impact of the implementation of this policy may be difficult for some students. However, we know from our combined experience that all students will avoid greater struggles in the future if poor homework habits are corrected now. We would appreciate vigorous parental support and trust in this program. The rules are easy for the students to understand and the consequences are reasonable and clear.



    Nightly Homework

    Assignments turned in during class on the due date, may earn full credit. Students will be permitted to hand in a missed assignment for half credit until the end of the unit. If there is no defined unit, the assignment can be turned in up to two weeks past the due date.


    Projects, essays and other large assignments

    Projects are expected to be turned in during class on the due date. If a project is turned in one day late, the student will lose 10 points or one letter grade. An additional two points will be deducted for each subsequent late day up to one week. After a week the assignment will not be accepted for credit.


    Homework Passes

    In some subjects, students will be given a homework pass at the beginning of the quarter to use at their discretion on daily assignments. Passes may not be used for projects, essays, or other large assignments. Unused homework passes will be entered into a prize drawing at the end of each marking period.

                                                                                        The 7th Grade Team of Teachers