• Results of the Spring '11 Electrophoresis Experiment
    aka. "Who killed Fred Flintstone?"
    The students in Mr. Styer's Biotechnology class ended the "Forensics" and "DNA Technologies" units by conducting an experiment where the students:
    • Analyzed DNA evidence obtained at a crime scene
      • DNA evidence sample
      • 5 suspects samples
    • Processed the DNA by adding EcoR1 restriction enzymes
    • Ran processed DNA through electrophoresis gel to separate fragments
    • Compared banding patterns to 5 known suspects
    • Match pattern from suspect to known evidence markers
      • ID killer!!


    The following are pictures of the experimentation process:
    WOW!!Jack attack!!
    MJIPower of 2
    Pete & MattLiz & Chloe
    These are the resulting gels:
    • Staining:                                                   Destaining:
    The Results:
    The first gel is just the result from the electrophoresis run.
    The second is the same gel with the lanes properly labeled- the first lane is the crime scene. Look closely at the third suspect and you will see that the banding pattern matches the reference (crime scene) perfectly.
    gel 1gel2