• At Strath Haven Middle School, students continue on their journey of a variety of music opportunities; advancing skills and concepts that were introduced in the elementary school as well as an introduction in new ensembles and music classroom experiences.

    All SHMS students will continue to have music as a classroom subject.  Students have music scheduled for either a quarter or trimester of the school year.  The classroom music experience focuses on a wide range of music curriculum that includes the learning, analyzing, responding, and connecting music from around the world as well as the creative process in performing, composing, and improvising music through drumming, ukulele, guitar, keyboards, and a variety of music technology including the use of state of the art music keyboard/composition lab and online music software programs.

    Performing Music Ensembles at SHMS

    A variety of music ensemble opportunities are provided at SHMS.  These ensembles include band, choir, and orchestra at all grade levels.  Most of the ensembles rehearse before the start of the school day as well as a few that meet after school.  Over 50% of the students at SHMS actively participate in one or more ensembles as the schedule is designed for students who may wish to be involved in more than one ensemble.  In addition to the band, choir, and orchestra ensembles, there are also opportunities for students to participate in small ensembles such as Cantabile, jazz bands, and modern band ensembles as well as a variety of additional music.ensembles depending on student interest.   Group lessons are part of the instrumental music curriculum that continues to build student student skills.  Students who wish to begin either in the choir or instrumental music program are encouraged to join.

    Performing opportunities include major winter and spring concerts, school and community events, and enriching field trips, as well as County and PMEA Festivals, and Fests.

SHMS Music Faculty

  • SHMS Music Faculty

    Ms. Sarah Elsheakh; 8th Grade Classroom Music, 7th & 8th Grade Choirs; Music Theater


    Mr. James McLaughlin; 7th Grade Classroom Music; 6th Grade Choir, Basie Jazz Band, Modern Band, Music Theater


    Mr. John Shankweiler; 6th Grade Classroom Music; 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra


    Mr. Nicholas Pignataro; 6th Grade Classroom Music


    Mr. Henry Pearlberg; 6th Grade Classroom Music; 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Bands, Ellington Jazz Band, Modern Band; WSSD Performing Arts Chairperson