• FAQ's for Placement into English/Language Arts Enriched/Honors Courses 

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    • Where can I locate placement criteria for Language Arts/English 7th-9th grade?
      • Placement criteria for 7th, 8th and 9th grade Language Arts/English is posted on the school
        website and teacher webpages.
    • What is the difference between an Enriched class at the middle school and an Honors class
      at the high school?
      • Enriched LA-7 and Enriched LA-8 increase the pace, expectation, and challenge of the Language Arts curriculum, which allows teachers to evaluate students’ success with the increased rigor. Student choice for tiered assessments is eliminated in this course unlike LA-7 and LA-8 where students have choice in level of difficulty on select assignments/assessments. It should be noted that placement into Enriched classes is not a guarantee of placement into English 9 Honors; rather, it is an opportunity for students to test their emerging skills in a rigorous environment.
      • Honors courses at the high school are designed with the assumption that students are already strong, independent readers and academic writers. As such, there is less writing and reading instruction and more interaction with difficult texts and academic writing. Creative writing is not a core component of the course.
    • How do I know if my child is ready for English 9 Honors Level work?
      • Students ready for this course have exhibited strong academic writing skills in literary analysis, argument, persuasion, and research. Students should be able to read well and have depth of understanding in a variety of genres, including canonical works of fiction and non-fiction. Teachers design instruction and assessment with the expectation that students need little remediation in these areas. As such, students who are not ready for the pace of more intense reading and writing may struggle.
    • If my child has not been placed in Enriched/Honors Language Arts, is there an opportunity
      for advanced work in subsequent years?
      • There are pathways for students to reach the Enriched/Honors level courses throughout 7th–10th grade. Eligibility for advanced courses is available each year regardless of the prior year’s placement. Placement is made based on a variety of data points including reading comprehension, strong academic writing, district-level assessments and grades.
      • In LA-7 and LA-8, options for greater challenge in content, assignments, and assessments  may be selected by interested students. The challenge-by-choice selections become part of the criteria for placement in subsequent years. Students who wish to be considered for advanced course placement should pay particular attention to the criteria related to the tiered assignments/assessments.
      • Students placed in English 9 College Prep have an opportunity to move to English 10 Honors at the end of the year. Ninth grade teachers recommend that students, who are not quite ready for English 9 Honors, take English 9 College Prep to sure up their skills
        for success as English 10 Honors students. The College Prep pace allows for individualized attention and richer one-to-one feedback while maintaining challenge and rigor.
    • What do the placement data over time and post-graduate research indicate?
      • Data collection and analysis is ongoing in the area of placement and student success. Over several years’ time, placement data and student success have shown that it is better for a student to receive skill-specific attention in a level appropriate to his/her current ability to strengthen skills. This attention provides students the best chance of success in higher level classes in the future.
      • A student who is not ready for the pace of more intense reading and writing in English 9 Honors may struggle and require a move to English 10 College Prep the following year. College admissions offices indicate that it is a better narrative for colleges to see a progression from English 9 College Prep to English 10 Honors on a transcript rather than an English 9 Honors to English 10 College Prep