• It is the belief of the Strath Haven English department that summer reading has always been a vital part of student growth. Fluency and stamina in reading only occur when students are engaged in daily practice. As the hardships of the current pandemic have and may continue to impact traditional classroom instruction, it is all the more important that students continue to read on a regular basis

    There will be no required reading for students to have completed for the fall of 2021; however, each grade level has assembled a list of reading recommendations and resources to help students obtain appropriate fiction and non-fiction choices, even if student resources are limited to such an extent that they cannot obtain physical texts. These are minimum recommendations. We would like to see students reading daily.

    Click here to view the Summer Reading lists for summer 2021.

  • Team Leaders:

    Grade 12: Matthew Wood (mwood@wssd.org)

    Grade 11: Stephanie Lehman (slehman@wssd.org)

    Grade 10: Mimi Drew (mdrew@wssd.org)

    Grade 9: Reagan Lattari (rlattari@wssd.org)