• Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021
    Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
    Tickets: $60; on sale 5/24 through 5/28 during 5th block in the 3rd floor lobby

    Attendees: Strath Haven juniors only

    Safety measures:

    • Masks are required during the entirety of the event except when eating or drinking
    • To attend, students must either:
      • (1) provide proof of vaccination to the school nurse (dsweeney@wssd.org) OR
      • (2) participate in antigen testing at school prior to the event (directions below)


    Required for students who will NOT be fully-vaccinated at the time of their events.

    STEP 1: Register for Antigen Testing.

    1. Go to https://register.pennrapidtest.org
    2. Enter your personal data.
    3. Take a picture of the QR code, and store it in your cell phone.
    4. This QR code is required for testing.  Save it, or take a photo of it to email to yourself.  You will upload it in the form in PART 3.

    STEP 2: Fill out the consent form for testing.

    1. Download/print this consent form.
    2. Sign the form.
    3. Take a photo of the form and/or scan it.

    STEP 3: Upload the consent form AND QR code to the online form.

    1. Go to the Registration Form for Antigen Testing.
    2. Fill out the form, uploading your Consent Form AND your QR code.
  • Class advisers:
    Paulette Speaker (pspeaker@wssd.org)
    Tabatha Duffy (tduffy@wssd.org)