What Makes You Laugh?

  • Did you know that there are many tangible and positive benefits that come from smiling and laughing? These include:

    • Improved Mood. Smiling releases endorphins, which helps a person feel happier and more positive.
    • Pain Relief. Believe it or not, a good laugh relieves some body aches or pains.
    • Lower Blood Pressure.
    • Stronger Immune System.
    • Stress Reliever.
    • Better Relationships as you seem more approachable. Smiling and laughing can cause a ripple effect. Your smile can light up someone else and cause them to smile. A good contagiousness these days! Smiling eyes count too. They make a difference.
    • Younger Appearance.

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    Some of these may not seem so applicable to you, as a middle school student, but there are many benefits that can help you as you navigate this time of your life.