• Testing will be administered through the nurse's office and will take place outdoors at Strath Haven High School on Friday, June 4.

    Guardians will be required to sign a consent for testing.  Thank you for your support in protecting the health and safety of our community at this exciting time!



    Proof of fully vaccinated status may be provided through the nurse's office. The vaccine must have been completed two weeks prior to the event.

    Please email vaccination documentation to Nurse Debbie Sweeney at dsweeney@wssd.org.  


    Required for students who will NOT be fully-vaccinated at the time of their events.

    STEP 1: Register for Antigen Testing.

    1. Go to https://register.pennrapidtest.org
    2. Enter your personal data.
    3. Take a picture of the QR code, and store it in your cell phone.
    4. This QR code is required for testing.  Save it, or take a photo of it to email to yourself.  You will upload it in the form in PART 3.

    STEP 2: Fill out the consent form for testing.

    1. Download/print this consent form.
    2. Sign the form.
    3. Take a photo of the form and/or scan it.

    STEP 3: Upload the consent form AND QR code to the online form.

    1. Go to the Registration Form for Antigen Testing.
    2. Fill out the form, uploading your Consent Form AND your QR code.