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    I would love to start volunteering in the classroom. What can I do to help? 
    We would love for you to come in and join us! When we start our Writing Workshop, adults can volunteer to help our Kinders with their writing. I create/send SignUp Genius forms via email for those who are interested. If you would like to join my email list, please email me and let me know! You can schedule for any days you are available and there are no commitments; we welcome any (and all) help
    ! :) 

    How do we go about treats for birthdays? 
    The NPE handbook strictly states that non-edible items should be sent in for ALL students on your Kinder's birthday. Examples include stickers, small toys, and party favor items. As another alternative, you could also come in and read your child's favorite book as a birthday treat! If you would like to do this instead, please contact me. 

    How about birthday invitations?
    In order for us to distribute birthday party invitations, there must be enough for every student in the class. If there are not enough, we cannot hand them out due to inclusion. 

    Can we arrange playdates?
    If your Kinder would like to have a playdate with another child, it is strictly up to the parents to plan. I can potentially be a liaison for contact info, but I make it a point to confirm with the other parent first before sharing emails/contact information. STUDENTS CANNOT GO ON ANOTHER STUDENT'S BUS.