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    Reflex Math supports students (grades 2-5) becoming math fact fluent and ready for more complex math. It is a fully adaptive program that provides individualized math fact practice and assessment delivered via a fun, game-based approach. It is best for kids who already understand basic math operations and need practice to improve speed and accuracy.

    If your child participates in NPE's Title 1 Math Club and is interested in using Reflex Math, please contact me for login information. 


    When children first log into Reflex Math, they will complete a number typing activity. This activity determines how long it takes a child to type something known. If your child has math anxiety, it is important that they avoid rushing on the number typing activity.


    • Reflex Math should be done in a quiet location or while wearing headphones.
    • The goal is for children to achieve the Green Light in Reflex Math.

      • On average, it takes children 15-20 minutes to reach the green light.
      • Consecutive green light days open up new games for your child to play.

      • The best games to play for a green light are: Swamp Chomper, Ninja to the Stars, Egyptian Competition.

    • If your child starts a game, they should finish the game. After finishing a game, quickly select another game (i.e. avoid dawdling between games).

    • When playing the games, some children struggle to type the answer on a horizontal keypad in the allotted time.  As noted above, the initial number typing activity determines the allotted time for math facts.  If the technology is available, some benefit from using a keyboard on the screen. 

    • As children use Reflex, they earn tokens. They can spend the tokens in the Reflex Store to purchase clothes, hairstyles, and accessories for their avatars or decorations for their Progress Tree.  Unlocking purple skin for avatars is popular achievement for children.

    • Avoid Account Sharing - It is important that other children do not share your child's account. Since Reflex includes fun games, your child's siblings or friends may want to give it a try. Reflex Math continually monitors student progress and adapts to each student's needs. Because of this adaptivity, having multiple children use the same account will have a negative impact on your child's progress.