• A Letter from WSSD Director of Education

    Due to the state-imposed school closure that suspends direct teacher-to-student instruction, WSSD recommends that students and parents consider various ways to practice previously learned concepts and skills and to enrich students' minds during the school closure. We have provided some guidance below. Continued communication will take place as developments unfold.


    Reading:  Students are encouraged to read daily during the school closure. Books, news and magazine articles, passages, and journals are all ways to stimulate learning and to practice reading skills. This is a good way to read about Science and Social Studies topics as well. Materials should be selected based on student interest, rather than the rigor of the grade level. The goal of continuous reading is to improve fluency, stamina, vocabulary, and comprehension; however, challenge books can be frustrating for students to read without teacher support.


    Writing: Students are encouraged to write daily. This can be done through reflection journals, reaction to reading materials, creative writing, including poetry or journalistic writing. Writing is an excellent way for students to process their emotions, put ideas into words, practice writing skills, and demonstrate comprehension. 


    Math: Students benefit greatly from the regular practice of math skills. Students are encouraged to practice math facts daily specific to their level of learning. Many online resources are available for math skills practice. *The Delaware County Intermediate Unit has compiled some Math resources that can be found here: http://bit.ly/2RlecUQ

    *The selection of online materials is at the discretion of the parent.


    Music, Art, Family-Consumer Science, World Language and/or Electives: These areas of learning are all important for student expression, skills, and interests. Students are encouraged to continue to explore their interests in these and other areas. Listening to music, drawing/painting, practicing an instrument, computer programming, interior design, cooking, wood working, etc. are excellent ways for students to express themselves, to spend time in relaxing pursuits, to increase their feelings of well-being, and to increase their knowledge and skills in these areas. 


    Physical Education: Students are encouraged to maintain their health and well-being through physical activity. Both indoor and outdoor activities, where safe to do so, are encouraged. Keep in mind the recommendation for Social Distancing during this time period. There are a great many apps, videos, and online resources for these pursuits. Students can keep a food and/or activity log, using goals to keep track of personal progress toward goals.



    Denise Citarelli Jones, Ed.D.

    Director of Education

    Wallingford-Swartmore School District

    Words of Advice

    While you are home the next few weeks, feel free to check out the slides that the Comets team teachers have put together for tips and tricks as well as words of wisdom to make the most of your time off from school. 


    Click the link for a slideshow from your teachers  

    Use the sheet below to look at a weekly overview for each of your classes  during flexible instruction:

    Weekly Overview of Assignments by Class