• The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District Board of School Directors welcomes questions and comments from the community.
    All correspondence to Board Members should be mailed to:
                                        Wallingford-Swarthmore School District
                                        200 South Providence Road
                                        Wallingford, PA 19086
    Electronic mail sent to the Board address, board@wssd.org, will be forwarded to all School Board members including the Superintendent.  If you wish to direct your message to specific Board Members, please clearly indicate this in the subject or message greeting.  The Board Secretary will receive your message and forward to the appropriate individuals.
    You may also e-mail an individual Board Member at their respective e-mail address listed below:

    David Grande - david.grande@wssd.org

    Kevin Henry - kevin.henry@wssd.org

    Rachel Holbert - rachel.holbert@wssd.org

    Lawrence Kutys - lawrence.kutys@wssd.org

    Jennifer Lentz - jennifer.lentz@wssd.org

    Wendy Voet - wendy.voet@wssd.org

    Kelly Wachtman - kelly.wachtman@wssd.org

    Nannette Whitsett - nannette.whitsett@wssd.org

    Mary Jo Witkowski-Smith - maryjo.witkowskismith@wssd.org 

    Superintendent, Wagner Marseille - wmarseille@wssd.org