• PIAA Physical Form

    Student athletes who are intending to participate in their first sport of the school year must present a completed PIAA pre-participation physical form to the coach on the first day of try-outs. The form has been updated by PIAA. Only the updated form will be accepted bythe Athletic Office.  

    The form (pp. 1-6),  requires a physician's report and signature, dated no earlier than June 1st and is valid for the entire school year, unless the athlete suffers a serious illness or injury. Subsequent sports seasons require a re-certification form (p.7), signed by the athlete and a parent or guardian.  In the event that an athlete was injured or had a significant illness at the end of the previous season, a recertification signed by a physician, (p.8), is required before the athlete will be permitted to participate. 

     Student athletes who do not present the PIAA form on the first day of try-outs will be unable to participate in try-outs and/or practice.


    Travel Release Form   

    The Travel Release is to be submitted to the Athletic Director at least 24 hours prior to the date of the athletic event. It is to be used in the event of extenuating circumstances, such as a doctor appointment or family emergency. The athlete is only permitted to leave with his/her parent. They may not travel with a teammate's parent or another athlete. The signed and approved form is to be given to the coach prior to boarding the bus. Coaches will not accept this form before, during, or after a game and are not permitted to give permission for athletes to leave with anyone without the form signed by the Athletic Director. 

    Emergency Information Form

    The Emergency Information Form is to be submitted to the Head Coach at the beginning of each season. It is to be used by the medical staff in the event of an emergency during sport competition and practices. Coaches will keep these Emergency Medical Forms in their medical kits at all times.