Updated Timeline October 2019

  • November

    November 4: Panel Discussion from representatives from Radnor, UCF & Phoenixville

    November 4 & 14: SHHS Staff visit Lower Merion and Harriton to understand their schedules.

    November 19: Third Task Force meeting: a review of scheduling ideas from members of the Scheduling Think Tank

    November 25: School Board Presentation about most viable SHHS schedule/s based on instructional minutes, athletics, transportation, feedback from internal committees and survey data, lunches, extra-curricular activities, teacher work day, etc.

    Transportation Analysis


    December 16: Fourth Task Force Meeting – continued plans for Impact evaluation on most viable SHHS start/end times as a basis for feedback.

    Possible subsequent surveys from Impact groups.

    Cost Analysis: Business Office & Core Council Members


    January 6: Final Task Force Meeting

    Evaluation of family impact: after school care, after school jobs, bus ridership

    Evaluation of student impact: extra-curriculars, after school help, after school jobs, homework, etc.

    Evaluation of teacher impact: possible curricular changes, staffing, personal work/life impact, coach availability, etc.

    Evaluation of external stakeholders: after school jobs, Vo-tech programs, Life Skills programs, dual-enrollment, community partners, etc.

    January 13: School Board Presentation (Updates)

    January 27: Core Council Meeting Finalize Board Report Out

    February 10: School Board Final Presentation by Sleep & School Start Times Task Force

Last Modified on October 24, 2019