Timeline- Updated February 2020

  • February

    • Core Council Meeting: progress of building schedules, review of district implications
    • School Board Subcommittee Meeting: a review of scheduling ideas
    • FEBRUARY 25th, Task Force Meeting SHHS, 6:30 pm
      • Review remaining schedule ideas
      • Generate/add to benefits/costs lists, perceived pros/cons
      • Plan for Town Hall meeting


    • Informational Session to School Board: present update and findings of latest Task Force meeting
    • March 11th, Town Hall Meeting SHHS 6:30 pm: provide update, engage and gather community input from feedback sessions.
    • March 26th, Task Force Meeting SHHS, 6:30 pm
      • Review and analyze input collected from Town Hall engagement meeting
      • Identify representatives for final School Board Report Presentation (Task Force Impact Group)


    • School Board Subcommittee: Review input gathered from town hall regarding impact on student, parent and school perspectives
    • Core Committee Meeting: 
      • Updates on costs analysis, contract negotiations, transportation needs, etc.
      • Review of refined bus routes by Transfinder
      • Systems management, professional development, education of staff, students, and parents
    • April 13th, Task Force Impact Group, SHHS 6:30 pm 
      • Meeting and preparation for school board presentation
    • April 27th School Board Final Presentation by Sleep & School Start Times Task Force Impact Group
Last Modified on February 5, 2020