October 21, 2019- Task Force Meeting Minutes

  • Three Subgroups met to review survey data. Groups reported out to the Task Force for questions and feedback.

    Impact on Teacher Report Out:

    Dr. Brown reviewed schedule ideas that have been discussed at the high school. There are a couple things that are driving the conversation – per the agenda:

    1. Start/end time framework
    2. Lunch and learn vs 5th block (Dr. Brown explained this to the students on the committee)
    3. Advisory vs. no Advisory
    4. Faculty work day – would new day extend or lengthen the current work day
    5. Instructional minutes - 333 minutes per day; that’s what we need to meet instructional requirement (Dr. Brown explained this)

    Priorities from teachers:

    1. make sure there are no early dismissals for students participating in sports or in the music program
    2. length of time of instructional block

    Impact on Parents Report Out:

    Based on the most recent survey, the group felt the survey results were a good representation of the parent population. 65% of parents felt that their kids got too little sleep which lines up with what they reported with regards to bedtime and wake up times. 60% of the parents think the school district should consider starting later for SHHS Students.

    Next Steps--gather more data from other sub-groups and committee as a whole and decide if another survey is needed. Group discussed that while our initial survey collected valuable data to get us started, there is a need to ask how a change of start time will impact families once a potential schedule/s are shared at the November 25 School Board Meeting.

    Impact on Students Report Out:

    Based on the most recent, research-validated survey...

    • The average number of hours of sleep = 7.5 during the week.
    • Majority believe they do not get enough sleep.
    • Sadness/nervousness/worrying correlates w/less sleep
    • Homework: average = 2.5 hours per night
    • 49% of respondents said they wake up 2-3 times each night.
    • Fitting in homework, after-school activities, dinner & downtime with a shorter window; student stress; “curfews” on practice/rehearsal and scaling back on homework could help.

    Next Task Force Meeting: November 19th at 6:30 pm in SHHS Library. The Scheduling Think Tank will discuss scheduling ideas with the whole group, the rationale for certain decisions made that drove the work, and the pros/cons of each. The Task Force will give feedback for further consideration.

Last Modified on March 3, 2020