• brain
    Need to wake up your grey matter?  
    Try a logic game.
    (Thank you to my good friend, Ms. Conahan, for sharing this list with us!)
    What do penguins, ducks, and sugar have in common?  Hooda Math!
    Shortcut to a favorite--FWG Bridge 2.
    The site is called krazydad.com.  Awesome puzzle dad is more like it! 
    Lots and lots of super fun games, like Connect Four, Othello, Mastermind, and more! 

    Set(and Quiddler and XACTICA, of course)

    Daily Sudoku
    Bloxorz is another favorite!
    Piggy Push might not look like math, but it'll give your spatial skills quite a workout. 
    Turkey Swapping anyone?  Gobble, gobble!  Oink, oink!
    Use your deductive reasoning skills to play Seesaw Logic.
    Give your visual discrimination skills a workout with Whack the Difference.
    The Great American Estimator and Guess My Number are good ways to practice estimating.
    Weigh the Wangdoodles combines estimation and algebra, and who doesn't love algebra?  Seriously.
    Interested in engineering?  Try some of these games. 
    Lumosity is like having a personal trainer for your brain!  You choose the skills you'd like to work on and they'll develop a program just for you.  You won't need weights or a yoga mat, but you will need an email account to get started.
    l Mmmmmm...pizza!  Better know your fractions!
    Scholastic has lots of fun math games.  Try one today!
    Take a break from spilling sugar, shopping at the mall, and removing red to practice math facts.
        Arcademics (get it?  arcade + academics?)
    And don't forget to practice skills...old and new.

    Quiz yourself on all kinds of third...and fourth, fifth, sixth...grade skills.

    Check out this awesome site...and it's a lot more than just math!
    Kids Math Games* looks like a great place to practice all kinds of skills.  
         You can also take quizzes if that's your thing!
        *Don't you think there should be an apostrophe at the end of "Kids"?
    Want to learn how to measure angles?  Try this online protractor.
    And when only a video game will do, take good ol' Sumdog for a walk!
    Warning!  You may link to games that have no educational value whatsoever.  Make a smart choice.  If you're at school, use your time wisely.  If you're taking a break from homework or chores, go for it!