• Our Class Rosters

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are sending in a treat with your child's birthday, the handbook specifies that it is a non-edible item (for example, stickers, small favors, etc.). Thank you for your cooperation! 


    AM Kindergarten (15 students)

    Emi B                Flynn L

    Lincoln C           Gonzalo L

    Damian C          Andrew M

    Isla C                Grace M

    Ireland D           Zach M

    Trudy H             Nate N

    Sloan K             Brandon R

                            Samantha S



    PM Kindergarten (14 students)

    Caroline C           Tash M 

    Liam C                 Evie M

    Lise C                  Alice N

    Miles D                Bukunmi O

    Mason F              Kaeleigh O

     Julie H                John S

    Miles K                Shawn W