• Your First Fifth Grade Assignment



    Due September 3, 2019


         Before school begins, please designate and label one of your composition notebooks as a Writer’s Notebook and feel free to decorate it as you like.  (We are only going to write on the front of every page!) If you would like your Writer's Notebook to have a title page or table of contents page, feel free to include them, otherwise label and date the first page and describe yourself as you would to a new student in the class.  Be sure to include some of your character traits.  That being said, what trait you think is your best and why?

         We will spend a lot of time getting to know each other and making new friends.  We will learn about character strengths in our guidance class and notice them in ourselves and in others. Label and date the next page in your notebook and list what you look for in a good friend.  What traits did you list that make you a good friend to others?

         It’s always good to set some goals for the future! Label and date the next page and list some Fifth Grade Goals:  one for math, one for reading, and one for writing.  Dig deep!  This are FIFTH GRADE goals!  Be sure to explain why you have chosen these goals. You can also add some bigger goals here if you’d like such as what you’d like to be when you grow up!

         Next, label and date the page after that and write down any feelings, expectations, or questions (ask me anything!) you have about fifth grade.  You are not allowed to leave this page blank. Make sure you bring your Writer’s Notebook on the first day because we will use it as we begin our year together.

         Finally, I want you to choose 2-3 books for yourself to read during our Reading Workshop. These should be fiction books that you have NOT read before, at your last tested reading level.  If you are new and unsure of your level, check out my websites for tips on finding "Just Right" books.