• Helpful Homeroom Information





    General Information/Reminders:


    My Email- mchafetz@wssd.org  


    WES Handbook <------ This is VERY helpful and will most likely have an answer to any question you may have!!!


    PTO WES Mail/PTO Website -  http://www.weskids.org



    Arrival – Please have your child to school on time.  Students begin their morning routine at 8:45 and specials begin at 9:00.  If your child arrives after 8:45 you must sign him/her in at the office before he/she heads to the classroom.


    Dismissal – Please send a yellow note to school if there is any change in normal dismissal times and/or procedures.  If you need a new yellow WES notepad, please let me know or pick one up at the office. If you have a last minute change in dismissal/pick-up, or forgot to send in a yellow note, please email or call the office as soon as possible in order to let them know.  For obvious reasons, I do not answer my phone during lessons, and I usually am only able to check my email and phone messages before and after school.


    Absence – If your child is absent please call the attendance line (610-565-7847) by 9:30, and send a green absentee note when your child returns to school.  Missed work will be sent home to be completed by an appropriate date.  Please help your child stay on track with missed assignments.  If you need a new green WES notepad, please let me know or pick one up at the office.  


    Have a question or concern?  The best way to contact me is via email.  I will get back to you ASAP even if I don't quite have an answer yet.  If you would like me to call you back, please email a phone number where you can be reached and I will return your call when I can. I do have a phone in my classroom, but is not easy to access when I am working with students and I will often let it go to voicemail. Emergencies or a change in plans pertaining to your child should be directed to the office.  They will get the message to me ASAP.  Thank you for your understanding.


    Box Tops – We will be collecting box tops in our classroom this year.  Please send them in!


    Classroom Updates- I receive a list of your family emails from the office in August and use that list to send classroom updates each month.  If you would like to add a new email to that list (or delete one) please contact me ASAP by emailing me your name, your child’s name, and what email address(es) you would like me to add (or delete) to my class list.  


    Snack - Please have your child pack a snack each day.  Our snack time will be about 11:00 which is also the time we will celebrate birthdays. 


    Birthdays – We are happy to celebrate your child's birthday in class!  We will ALWAYS sing a lively round of Happy Birthday in their honor and we will always make a big deal of the day, however as of October 2018 food treats will no longer be allowed.  If you would like to bring in another treat such as pencils, erasers, or stickers that is allowed, but not expected!  For obvious reasons, party invitations should not be sent to school unless allchildren in the class are invited to the party.


    Scholastic Book Club – We will order books on a monthly basis.  The book club offers a nice selection of books and other materials at a reasonable price.  You may place your order using the order form or online.  Directions and passwords can be found on my website.  If you are placing the order through me, please return the order form(s) in an envelope with your child’s name.   All checks (no cash please) should be made payable to Scholastic, Inc. 


    Fifth Grade Assistant: Mrs. Suzanne O’Neill        

    Our Homeroom Parents:  TBA





    Developing and nurturing independent study and work habits, as well as routines, is an integral part of fifth grade.  Students will be assigned homework Monday – Thursday which they should be able to complete in approximately 60 minutes.   All work should be completed neatly and in pencil.  Parents are expected to check their child’s homework before it comes to school.  Sloppy homework or crumbled up pages will not be accepted and consequences will follow. 


    • Expected Homework – Your child will receive homework in areas such as spelling, math, reading, writing, social studies, and science.  Unless otherwise specified, all homework is due the next morning.  Your child will be expected to read, keep a reading log (signed once a week), and jot each night as a part of our ongoing Reading Workshop.


    • Projects – There are a few long-term projects in fifth grade.  When this occurs, there will always be a due date assigned and the children are expected to budget their time to work on the project.  Please work with me to help them organize their schedules to avoid last minute cramming.  


     “How much should I help my child with their homework?” 

           My answer is, sit down with them if you need to and help them work through a problem.  Let them take a break if needed and try working through it again with them.  If you find yourself doing the work for them, STOP!  If they give up trying or are really frustrated have THEM write me a note explaining the situation.  This note can then be stapled to the homework and turned in to me in the morning.  If you would like to include your own note or an email to me, that is fine too.  I want students to learn to be responsible for their own homework and have a “back-up plan” when necessary. 



    Fifth Grade Field Trips:


    Ropes Course, Stroud's Water Research Center, Dance Celebration (Not actually a field trip, but a fun night spent with parents and teachers!), Colonial Philadelphia, Wetlands Institute Beach Study & Boat Trip, Rose Valley Swim Club Pool Party