• This year we will be on a rotating four-day schedule. The only thing that will change daily is our class special. 

     Special Schedule  

    Day 1: Art

    Day 2: Music

    Day 3: Library (Guidance Lessons will happen during 1/3 library classes)

    Day 4: P.E.  

    Daily Schedule 

    8:45-9:00am: Morning Meeting

    9:00-9:30am: Language Arts 

    9:30-11am: Daily 5/ Guided Reading Groups

    11-11:45am: Writing

    11:45- 12:10pm: Lunch

    12:10-12:30pm: Recess

    12:35- 1:20pm: Specials

    1:20- 2:50pm: Math 

    2:50-3:20pm: Science/ Social Studies

    3:20-3:30pm- End of the day closing circle & Pack up for Dismissal