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    Supplies for In-School Instruction

    Every day, each student is required to bring a backpack, snack, and communication folder to school. There is also a gray work folder included to each student, where projects and school work will be stored. 

    Using the communication folder, I will send home important notes/letters for you to access. You can also use this folder to send in any special notes.
    PLEASE KEEP THE GRAY WORK FOLDER IN YOUR STUDENT'S BAG. When your student's cohort is learning at home, they will need to use the papers within that folder during Zoom. The papers on the "finished" side can be removed from the folder and left at home. 

    When packing a healthy snack, please make sure to include a drink for your student.

     Optional supplies that you are welcome to donate include: 

    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Tissues