• An interview with Mrs. Emily Sparks, 5th grade teacher.  Interview conducted by Mira Sparks, 4th grade student.

     Mira and Emily   

    Mira Sparks: My first question is... what's your favorite food?

    Emily Sparks: Ice cream!

    MS: It has to be a food, not a dessert.

    ES: Oh.  In that case my favorite food is roasted cauliflower with lots of salt. But I would like to argue that ice cream is a food!

    MS: Okay, back to business! Why did you choose to be a fifth grade teacher? 

    ES: Well, I wasn't always a fifth grade teacher, you know.  For my first teaching job I was a Kindergarten-through-fifth-grade science teacher in Central Falls, Rhode Island, outside of Providence.  I love doing science with students! Then I worked with much older students, teaching computer science to 11th graders in northeast India!  When I moved to Philadelphia, I taught third, fourth, and fifth grade at a progressive independent school called The Philadelphia School.  My years there shaped me a lot as a teacher.  And when I came to SRS three years ago, I was lucky enough to join the 5th grade team.   I love working with 5th graders because they are curious, capable, and FUN!

    MS: Tell your students about our family.

    ES: I live in Swarthmore with my two daughters, Mira (age 9) and Aadya (age 5), my husband, Chris (who teaches at the Middle School), and "the kitty boys", Mango and Blaze.  We have lots of cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles who live in the area, too.  

    MS: What are your hobbies and interests? Like how I like to dress up and read books.

    ES: You know I love to read, too!  There's nothing better to me than coming home from the Swarthmore Public Library with a stack of novels to tackle. I read a lot of books written for fifth graders, too, so I can get ideas for new book club and read aloud titles.  I love hiking in the Crum Woods, swimming in the ocean at the Jersey shore, and doing crossword puzzles. 

    MS: Now, our interview is done.  I hope your students have a really fun year with you.

    ES: Me too!