• The following questions will guide our inquiry into adolescent sleep and the impact of adjusted school start times in the first phase of the inquiry:


    Overarching Inquiry Question #1: To what extent can a later school start time impact the health, well-being and academic performance of Strath Haven High School students?


    A. What are the current sleep habits of the rising 9th - 12th grade students in WSSD?

    B. How do the WSSD students' sleep habits compare with the local/national data and research on sleep and school start times?



    Overarching Inquiry Question #2:  To what extent would a change in school start times affect the district families and community?

    Sub- Questions:

    A. What are the unique characteristics of the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District that require special focus throughout the inquiry?

    B. What are the budgetary considerations for a change in school start times?


Last Modified on July 29, 2019