• All components of the project must include:

      • Making sure that you have all elements necessary in order to achieve your desired grade based on the Rubric.
      • Project Proposal -To be completed on Google Classroom
      • Build Your Online Business Applied Digital Skills- Can be found in Google Classroom.  To be completed as a team.
      • Presentation - include persuasive pitch (see second page of  Rubric for more details)
      • Logo representing your product (should be seen on any documents that will be presented to audience
      • Color Scheme present throughout entire presentation (see below for options)
      • Infomercial selling your product - google samples of infomercials (Biteable or Adobe Spark)


    • Plagiarism check using Turn it In.  Set up an account using your wssdgmail if you do not have one already.



    Your Website should market your App


    Website using Glitch: What you will responsible for:

    • At least 3 page website-
      • Page 1 Who you are (About Us) page
      • Page 2 should be about your product featuring your Tinkercad image of your product (different views) link to your app
      • Page 3 should be about your company page- this is where the highlights of your Build Your Online Business comes in)
    • Prototype of the product created in Tinkercad


    App using Code.org: What you will be responsible for:

    Create a mobile application that solves a real world problem that is appropriate for all ages using app lab.  Use your imagination!

    • Design Process App Planning pages 4 and 5
    • App (multiscreen and interactive)
    • Intro Screen about your App
    • Questionaire to get your audience to care about your topic
    • Game: Test your knowledge


    Color Schemes:

    Color Combos