• Test Taking Tips for Multiple-Choice (M-C) Questions


    • Cover all answers for M-C questions.
      • Read the question and answer the question without looking at the answers.
      • Select the M-C answer that matches your answer.
      • If answers do not match, re-read the question and try again to answer it.
    • Eliminate answers step-by-step.  For each M-C answer, ask yourself:  "Why is this incorrect?"
    • Cross out any answer that is not correct.
    • Avoid a M-C answer containing these words: every, none, ever, and all.
    • Select a M-C answer containing these words: often, many, usually, some, and frequently.
    • If you find M-C answer(s) that:
      • say the same thing, do not pick either M-C answer.
      • are alike except for some particular word or phrase, consider one of these M-C answers.
      • basically say opposite things, select one of these M-C answers. 
    • Select a M-C answers that matches the grammar in the question.
    • Complete a test checklist before turning in your Math in Focus test.
      1. _____ Write my name and the date on my test?
      2. _____ Answer every question?
      3. _____ Fill in the bubbles for the multiple choice Qs?
      4. _____ Write the answer on the line when needed?
      5. _____ Read each problem carefully?
      6. _____ Show my work when needed?
      7. _____ Revise/edit my work in a different color pencil?
      8. _____ Check ALL my work AT LEAST one time?

    If you can answer YES to all the questions, you may turn in your test! 


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    • Test checklist from Miss Pulos.