• Study Island

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    As an optional “may do” resource, children have access to an online learning resource called Study Island, which will help them with Pennsylvania standards mastery.  When children master a topic in Study Island, they earn a Blue Ribbon.

    If your child uses Study Island, schedule a time once a week to meet with your child, look at how many blue ribbons they have received, and celebrate their hard work.

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Study Island.

    Step-by-Step Directions

    Click here for a PDF of directions below.

    1. Chrome Logo  Open a browser, such a Chrome.

    2. In the search box, type studyisland.com/cfw/login


    3. Enter your username and password then select “Sign In.”

    Study Island Username and Password Screen

    4. Select “PA Programs” on toolbar on left side of screen.

    Image of left toolbar in Study Island

    5. Select grade level “Program” (drop-down menu)
    Example selects 5th 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and 4th grade also available.

    Image of Study Island Program Selection Screen

    6. Select “Subject” (drop-down menu)
    Example selects Math (PA Core) - Edition 2. ELA (PA Core) – Edition 2 also available.

    Image of Study Island Subject Selection Screen

     7. Select blue hyperlinked text to view resources for desired topic

    Math Example

    ELA Example

    Example of math topics in Study Island    Example of ELA Topics in Study Island


    8. Select one of the following:

            Study Island Learning Options Lessons Flash Cards Practice Printable Worksheets

    • Lesson: Instructional mini lesson about topic
    • Flash Cards: Review of lesson with question and answers
    • Practice: Multiple-choice questions with answer feedback
    • Printable Worksheets: Prints ten questions

    Study Island Print Options for Printable Worksheet

    9. Children will receive a:

    • Blue Ribbon – Indicates that the child passed the topic.
      • If the child’s overall percentage correct is at least 70% in the subject, a game mode option is available after earning the blue ribbon.
    • Yellow Triangle – Indicates that the child needs additional work on the topic.
      • In most cases, they will be given access to a Building Block Topic, which they must pass before returning to the on-grade-level topic.
    • White Ribbon – Indicates that the child passed the Building Block Topic.

     Study Island Legend