• Splash Math is now Splash Learn.

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    • Splash Math is now Splash Learn.
    • NPE students can use Splash Learn to supplement their math learning at home.
    • Children can access Splash Learn through a desktop computer or tablet (www.splashlearn.com).

    Steps for Online Access

    • Type www.splashlearn.com in a browser
    • Select "Sign In" in top right corner
    • Select "Class"
    • Enter Class Code (codes at top of page)
    • Select child’s name
    • Enter password (see note below)
    • Click here for directions with images.

    Splash Learn Apps


    • If you or your child need the SplashMath password, please contact your child's classroom teacher or I (chopkins@wssd.org).

    Technical Issues

    • If you have any technical questions, you can reach out to the Splash Math team at help@splashlearn.com.  

    Thank You

    • We appreciate your partnership to help our children continue to strengthen their math skills.