• Act 48 Requirements

    Certificated staff members should refer to the following Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) document detailing Act 48 professional development obligations.

    Act 48 Questions and Answers


     The following document describes the WSSD guidelines for certificated staff members earning Act 48 hours.

    Important Points Regarding Act 48 Compliance:

    1. Act 48 credits earned through college coursework must be submitted to PDE by the awarding college or university. The school district may not award Act 48 credit for college coursework. Please contact your college or university's transcript office and instruct them to forward your transcripts to:

    Act 48 Transcripts
    Pennsylvania Department of Education
    333 Market Street-8th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

    2. When attending school-based or district-level meetings, workshops, or other Act 48-eligible events, be sure to sign the Act 48 sign-in sheets provided by the event facilitator. These sign-in sheets are used to enter/upload Act 48 credits for event participants. Please note that some school-based and district-level meetings are not Act 48-eligible. Only those events that deal directly with issues related to curriculum, instruction, and student achievement are Act-48 eligible.

    3. The Solo Act 48 Reporting Form should be used to submit Act 48 hours associated with any of the following. Completed forms should be submitted to Debbie Elias in the Training and Learning Office.

    • supervising a student teacher or intern
    • serving as a teacher mentor
    • participating an off-campus event offered by a provider who gave you an attendance certificate but did NOT enter/upload the Act 48 hours for you
    • you have arranged with your principal or curriculum director to individually complete certain Act 48-eligible work

    Solo Act 48 Reporting Form