Who We Are: The STEM Advisory Council is made up of Science, Math, Technology, Computer Science teachers as well as administrators, counselors, and a Media Specialist.

Design Thinking is a part of every subject.
  • Started in 2016, the STEM Advisory Council has examined programs, opportunities, and connectivity among the typical areas of STEM.  In doing so, the team of teachers, counselors and administrators have identified a number of goals for the district.  Through subgroup work and continued investigation into best practices, the STEM Advisory Council has made significant progress in the two years of its existence.


    Defined STEM and adopted DESIGN THINKING as the methodology to tranform student learning.

    Increased Computer Science exposure in the middle levels to all students and added an Innovative Design course to 6th grade.

    Partnered with the DCIU STEM Ecosystem to improve School/Business opportunities for "real world" STEM applications.

    Increased support for teachers with a DESIGN THINKING STEM coach (teacher on a 1 block special assignment).


    DESIGN THINKING Professional Development for K-12 teachers in all subject areas 

    Increase student/parent exposure to STEM Career Pathways within WSSD and other local programs

    Increase Computer Science programming in k-5/9-12