• Mrs. Labess’s Homework Policy : Date:10/10/18


    1) All assignments should be turned in on time, neatly typed and with an MLA formatted heading as follows:


    Your Name

    Mrs. Labess

    LA 7 - Period # (Your class period)


    Title of Your Paper


    2) WHEN DIRECTED TO THE BIN- A HARD COPY of your paper must be turned into the proper basket in the back of the room EVEN if you have turned it in as a google doc or email. If you have been instructed to place your work in the basket, this is the only paper that will be graded.


    3) If the assignment has been given in Google Classroom, you must SUBMIT IT IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM. If you do not hit the "submit" button, it is not submitted. It is your responsibility to see that this happens



    4) Late policy: *


    Homework that is turned in within one week will receive a grade discounted by 30%.

    Any work turned in later than one week will not be accepted.


    Procedure: Show me the work,( I must date and initial it), then place it in the “Late Work

    Basket” in your class basket.

    Anything without my date and initials will be assumed to be turned in later than one

    week, and will not be accepted. You must get my initials.


    4) Absent policy: *

    It is your responsibility to get any work completed that you have missed.You will have

    a grace period equal to the number of days that you were absent. After that it will be

    counted as late. Again, you  need my initials on your paper.


    Please sign below and on reverse to acknowledge your receipt of this information.


    Class period________

    • Special circumstances may apply per my permission