• Anchor

    Anchor Activities

    • What are anchor activities?

      • Tasks that students move to automatically after completing assigned work
      • Tasks are differentiated based on student interests and challenge level 
      • Essential to student learning (not just time fillers)
      • Linked to PA Academic Standards and course content
      • Options offered from teacher AND student generated lists
      • Provide opportunities for ALL students to extend their learning 
      • Encourages students to learn beyond the school day

      What are the requirements for science class?

      • Each anchor activity is worth a specific number of points.
      • Neat, accurate and quality work will earn maximum points.
      • You may choose from anchors from class, from my web site, and/or from Google Classroom.
      • You must complete a total of 20 points per marking period.  
      • Students are encouraged to complete more anchor activities if 20 points are completed prior to the due date.
      • Your Anchor Activity Log will be kept in class in the file box.
      • After you complete an activity, you must record it on your log and put the completed activity in your class folder.
      • YOU are responsible for your log.  If your log is lost, you will need to make up the lost points or show the work to your teacher again.
      • All anchor activities must be completed by the assigned date which will be approximately two weeks before the end of the marking period.

      Anchor Activity Procedures and Guidelines

      1st Marking Period Anchors

      Current Events Guidelines