• Spelling Homework: To Be Completed in Your Spelling Spiral

    All homework must be on its own page and dated at the top.

    Monday - Practice misspelled words 3x each (2 cursive, 1 print). These are the words from your pretest today!  If you have no misspelled words, or less than 3, focus on practicing your cursive.  Choose 5 words to write 2x each.

    Tuesday     -   Practice Test tonight (ALL words)  Correct the test (show me!) and practice any misspelled words 3x each.

    Wednesday - Write 10 fifth-grade sentences using as many of your words as you can. Underline the spelling words.

    Thursday – Test tomorrow.  Take a practice test tonight, correct it, and practice misspelled words.


    * All tests will be given on Friday!  Please sign and return the spelling book when it is sent home.


    Spelling City Links:  These can be used for extra practice at home or at school.


    Mrs. McGaffin's Link

     Mrs. McGaffin - Spelling City Link

    Mrs. Potts's LInk

    Mrs. Potts - Spelling City Link