•  Course Overview

    Sixth Grade Computer Science strives to be innovative and keep pace with the ever-changing world of technology. The course is designed to help students integrate technology and 21st century skills across disciplines as well as beyond the classroom to maximize growth. Students will work to develop a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that can be used in all areas of their lives. In this course students will learn about problem solving, what makes a computer a computer, Google applications, coding, and web design all coupled with the Design Process. Additionally, this 9 week course focuses on the importance of being a positive digital citizen and by doing so, how it can shape their future.  

    • Projects- 40%
    • Classwork- 30%
    • Citizenship- 30%
    Citizenship Building a classroom community where everyone feels safe to take risks is the foundation of this course.

    In order to do so, all students are expected to do the following:

    • Respect Others
    • Look for the best in others
    • Be your best self
    • Believe in yourself
    • Diligently work for the entire class period
    • Collaborate: Contribute in learning teams and learning partners
    • Assist other students
    • Contribute to class discussions
    • Be willing to try

    Failure to recieve full credit for the citizenship grade can occur when a student: 

    • Disrupts the learning process of other students
    • Engages in activities unrelated to computer class
    • Violates the Acceptable Use Policy (School Board Policy #815)
    • Uses words or actions that hurt other students
    • Disrespects teachers, fellow students, and/or equipment