Overview of Enrichment and Gifted Support

    It is my goal here at NPE to try and support as many students as possible.  On any given day, you may find me teaching a STEM lesson to a 1st or 2nd grade class then writing poetry with a small group of 3rd graders.  I may also be found pushing in to support a 4th or 5th grade math class and somewhere throughout the day, I also find time to support students who have been identified as Gifted.  Every day, I strive to enrich, support or simply help kids find a way to enjoy and engage in all of the challenges of learning.

    Enrichment starts in the classroom.  Every classroom teacher at NPE strives to differentiate learning so that all students are academically challenged. I work closely with our classroom teachers to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for students of varying ability levels.

    First and Second Grade:

    In the first half of the school year, I work with classroom teachers to provide STEM and Technology Education opportunities for their students.  As the school year progresses, and data is collected, I consult with classroom teachers to determine if there are students who would benefit from some additional enrichment in Language Arts and Math. 

    At the end of 2nd grade, students take the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT).  This test is given as component of the District’s universal screening policy.  OLSAT results assist us in identifying the strengths and needs of students.  In some cases, further testing is administered to identify students who would qualify for gifted support

    Third Grade:

    In 3rd grade, I support the classroom students by pushing into math classes as scheduling permits.  I often either co-teach a lesson or provide math enrichment to either the whole class or a smaller group of students.  Additionally, I will work with classroom teachers to analyze student data and performance to determine if there are students who would benefit from some additional enrichment in Language Arts and Math. 

    In addition to Language Arts and Math, I also begin working with students as they are identified as being gifted and in need of a GIEP.  Information on the District Gifted Program is available on the District’s Gifted website. (https://www.wssd.org/Page/6684 )

    Fourth and Fifth Grade:

    Fourth and fifth grades see a gradual increase in the level of gifted support that I am able to provide to students with a GIEP.  While I spend more time working with students who have been identified as Gifted, this does not mean that these are the only kids I work with!  I also work closely with the 4th grade teachers to provide push-in as well as pull-out support in math.  Additionally, I can frequently be found teaching a writing or STEM lesson to either a whole class or a smaller group of interested students.

    In 5th grade, I teach a section of math daily so as to enable smaller class sizes for all students.  And I am also a team organizer for the 5th grade trip to Williamsburg!

    Beyond all I do to support students and teachers at NPE, I encourage all students to think of my classroom door as always being open.  If there is a question to be asked or a topic to learn, I am always happy to help!