• Marching Band Expecations


    Learning Spaces:

    Keep rooms free of food, drinks, and gum

    Leave the room only with a signed pass

    Limit bathroom breaks to emergencies

    Use the PetShop in the morning before homeroom but arrive to homeroom on time

    Keep music in good condition and in your possession. Students will be charged for each piece of music plus the cost of the folder if lost or damaged.

    Touch/play your assigned instruments only.

    Return chairs, stands, and equipment to proper locations in an orderly fashion when leaving

    Request permission from the Director to use the sound system

    Use pencil when marking music

    Remove personal items from the rooms when leaving

    Arrive on time and leave at the assigned time

    Put cases, instruments, and accessories in assigned locations

    Leave the floor clear of debris and unnecessary items

    Keep walls and equipment graffiti-free

    Touch your own instrument only


    Rehearsals and performances:

    Remain in full uniform at all times-prescribed by Director

    Play at the appropriate time

    March at the appropriate time

    Focus on the Director and student leadership

    Use positive and appropriate language

    Keep the stands, field, and rehearsal areas cell-phone free

    Raise your hand to speak in learning environments

    Request permission to leave the learning environments for any reason

    Return to the stands by the 3rd quarter 4:00 mark
    Drink water/sports drinks only during rehearsals and performances.

    Avoid eating during rehearsals and performances


    Equipment care:

    Keep equipment and instruments in best possible condition

    Repair equipment and instruments as soon as possible

    Alert student leadership of repair issues as soon as possible

    Complete routine maintenance to keep equipment and instruments in working order


    Uniform care:

    Drink water/hydrating fluids only while wearing the uniform

    Hang immediately after use and air out overnight

    Store in closet when fully dry

    Wipe/brush dirty spots with a damp cloth

    Dry clean dirty or soiled uniforms

    Carry uniforms on hangers and in a garment bag

    Alert student leadership of repair issues as soon as possible


    Hat care:

    Wipe wet spots with a lint-free cloth or wipe

    Air hat out immediately after use and overnight

    Store in hat box that is unlatched and slightly open

    Store only the hat in the hat box

    Alert student leadership of repair issues as soon as possible


    Shoe Care:

    Dry shoes immediately after use and air out overnight

    Wipe/brush dirty spots with a damp cloth

    Remove socks from shoes



    Be hydrated at all times

    Eat healthy meals

    Bring snacks with you for rehearsal/game breaks

    Alert adult staff members if you are feeling ill

    Check in on other Band members to make sure they are okay

    Have a hobby and enjoy it every week

    Take one day “off” per week- at least 12 waking hours (on your personal time). You may have to spread your 12 hours out over multiple days.