• Attendance Policy

    The Director and student leaders will take formal attendance at every Band rehearsal and performance.

    All Band rehearsals and performances should be considered mandatory. Every single student is very important and valuable to the overall function of the Panther Band. While the Band has many students, each deserves the time and attention of the professional band staff and fellow student members. Band participation is a serious honor and commitment; the Director expects that students will adjust personal schedules so that he or she may properly participate. While the Band attendance policy is firm, it is designed to meet students’ needs. The Director promises to help and accommodate any student who actively communicates scheduling concerns.


    Students must provide a written explanation for any absence, regardless of reason. Students can email the Director at npignataro@wssd.org, at npignataro@wssdgmail.com, or provide a written note delivered to the Director’s mailbox near the Instrumental Music office door. While the Director encourages students to explain situations face-to-face as a personal courtesy, verbal notifications will not be considered acceptable explanations.

    Acceptable absences:

    Acceptable absences include absence from school day due to illness, absence from school day due to other school-approved reason, medical specialist appointment that cannot reasonably be scheduled at another time, college class meeting, school-sponsored athletic practices and events that have been pre-approved by the Director, school-sponsored activities that cannot reasonably be scheduled at another time, or another absence deemed acceptable at the Director’s discretion.

    Unacceptable absences:

    Students are permitted zero (0) unacceptable absences per season before negatively affecting semester grades. Unaccepted absences include any absence not listed above or one that the Director deems unacceptable. Absences typically considered acceptable that occur with no written explanation to the Director will be considered unacceptable until the student provides appropriate documentation.

    Plan for frequently-occurring absences:

    Strath Haven High School encourages students to be involved in many organizations and activities. It is reasonable that Panther Band members may have frequent absences due to pre-approved, frequently occurring events. The Director will make every effort to accomodate students involved in multiple activities and will always be supportive in students’ diverse interests. For these pre-approved cases, the Director and student will develop a series of alternate assignments that benefits both the student and the band to be submitted on a schedule agreed upon by the Director and student. These assignments will not be time-wasting nor unreasonably time-consuming, but they will ensure active participation for students who are unable to be physically present for Band events.