• Kursbeschreibungen 

    What comprises the three year sequence Level One German course? Check out the resources below to find out! 


    ALL levels: 

    • Daily small talk warmup routines 
    • Oral exam: Midterm and Final 
    • Use of a variety of authentic materials and materials developed for learners 
    • Focus on comprehension and communication, meaning before form 
    • Inquiry/inductive (PACE) grammar and writing workshop lessons to refine language & learn structure
    • Regular self-reflection and opportunities for feedback 
    • Observation of various cultural-history elements (holidays, dates, traditions) throughout the year 
    • Interpersonal Communication Rubric 

    Deutsch 6 

    • Student-Centered "Superstern der Woche" routine 
    • Cycles of communication and Portfolio Assessment 
    • Thematic topics throughout: all about YOU; Geography; Free Time (ft. Friends Without Borders); Circles of Care/Family/Friends; Styles of Living 
    • Geographical/cultural awareness - Germany and the German-speaking world 

    Deutsch 7 

    • Novel study 
    • Thematic units: Schools (in the US/Germany; reimagining school); Stories/Fairy Tales; Clothing (Dada Movement; Social Justice Children's Book Unit); Cities (Safe Cities? City research) 
    • Oral exam: Midterm and Final 

    Deutsch 8 

    • Novel study throughout the year
    • Free choice reading in German 
    • Thematic units: Wants & Responsibilities; Food (Sustainability); Daily Routines; Pasts and Futures  
    • National German Exam - Level One 
    • Exchange program 


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    See the documents attached below for more specific information about the course structure, evaluation (grading) information, and other policies (behavior, academic integrity, etc.). 

    *Please note that this information is subject to change. Students will be provided the most up to date information via Frau Shipeck personally and in Google Classroom.