• Herzlich willkommen im Deutschunterricht mit Frau Shipeck!
    Welcome to German with Frau Shipeck! 

    „Komm wie du bist - und bring alles an dir mit. Komm wie du bist - hier ist Platz für dich.“ 
    Come as you are - and bring your whole self with you. Come as you are - there is space for you here!
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    Warum Deutsch? An Intro to Our Program  - Samantha Shipeck

    Warum Deutsch? An Intro to Our Program

    Where is German spoken? Are German and English related? Why learn German altogether?  In this short video, Frau Shipeck and a few successful German at SHMS Alumni answer these questions and more! 

    Author: Samantha Shipeck   
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    All important information for students is conveyed in class and via Google Classroom!  


    „Alles, was uns begegnet, läßt Spuren zurück. Alles trägt unmerklich zu unserer Bildung bei.“ 
    Everything that we encounter leaves traces behind. Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education. 
     J.W. von Goethe