• Create your own Class Animation Advertisement or eCard

    Your card could be any seasonal, celebratory card or shms trailer.  Search the internet for eCard possibility examples.


    1. Gather Pictures from google for animation
    2. Use photoshop to edit picture so that the background is transparent (set new canvas to 500x500 res: 300)


    1. At least 5 layers (rename)
    2. Show movement (this is animation software so movement is expected)
    3. Use Text
    4. Change stage color
    5. Rotation (at least 3 things need to rotate purposely)
    6. At least one thing should start later then the first frame.
    7. Purposeful animation (think about how the cake tumbled onto the table)


    • RESEARCH eCards such as eCards
    • Browse cards
    • How can you use this to improve your own
    • Be able to say how your research improved your own animation