Study Island




    It’s the combination of learning and fun that leads to success. You’ll not only be able to see how your child is performing but also how he or she is using the program.

    • Identify strengths and weaknesses by topic within a subject area

    • Measure and track your child's overall progress within the program

    • Customize your child's learning experience and track his or her progress against specific goals



    Study Island for Home enhances learning and helps your child master math, ELA, and science skills. It helps your child catch up or stay ahead while reinforcing what has been learned.

    • Built-in support reinforces the "hows" and "whys" of each lesson

    • Informative support resources help students explore content areas of interest to them

    • Topic maps give your child the ability to decide what he or she wants to learn next

    • MORE FUN


      Study Island for Home makes learning fun! It provides a unique environment that captures your child's attention, holds their interest, encourages progress, and keeps them engaged while enhancing—not distracting from—learning.

      • Built-in games ensure that your child is engaged in learning

      • Experience points, coins, badges, and other incentives enrich your child's experience

      • Animations capture your child's attention and help him or her retain what is learned