Math Resources

  • Math Class Norms:
    • Everyone can learn math to the highest levels.
    • Mistakes are valuable.
    • Questions are really important.
    • Math is about creativity and making sense.
    • Depth is more important than speed.
    • Math is about connections and comunicating.
    • Math class is about learning, not performing.


    Good news!  You have access to your workbook and student book (AKA "Floppy" and "Hardback") online. Click the link, choose PA, then Wallingford-Swarthmore.  Here's the weird part--you have to choose SHMS as your school.  Login is parent5 and the password is wssdmath.  

     Plot points and equations on a 3-D graph- here!
    NRICH Maths is one of my absolute favorite sites for interesting, challenging problems.  Browse by topic, or try the problem of the week.  
    Lucy H. did some exploring and found the stash of NRICH math games: Click here (Note: The games are organized by increasing level of difficulty!)
    You know how much I love You Cubed and my growth mindset hero, Jo Boaler!  Click here for You Cubed math challenges.  Click here to watch inspirational videos starring the You Cubians!
     Math Antics has videos you can watch when you're feeling stuck...or just want to explore something interesting.  They're GREAT!
    I stole all kinds of links from Ms. Conahan! Practice your multiplication facts with these games...
    Multiflyer...and turn the table off! 
    Here is a link to everyone's favorite, 2048!
     Chapter 7: Ratios
    Chapter 12: Angles
    Angle Estimator: How skilled are you estimating the measure of angles? Here