Mrs. L. Cobb

    8th Grade Physical Science



    Room: C311

    Phone: (610)892-3470 ext. 7311



    Physical Science contains two areas of study, chemistry and physics.  Active student involvement with the materials and activities is an intrinsic part of student success.


    Topics covered

    - scientific method                                          - metric measurement

    - periodic table of elements                            -atoms, elements, mixtures and compounds

    -physical and chemical properties                  -physical and chemical changes

    -components of a chemical reaction               -structure of matter

    -types of electromagnetic energy                    -transfers between electricity and magnetism

    -Newton’s laws of motion                                -properties of fluids   

    -Simple machines, compound machines and mechanical advantage


    Materials needed for class:

    • 2- 3" Binder for handouts and notes
    • items GREATLY APPRECIATED that will be collected by teacher (optional): 1 pk. 24 pencils, roll of paper towels for lab, 1pk. of construction paper, 1 box of tissues, 1 bottle of Lysol Wipes (or simular)  

    Grading :

    Your grade consists of the following:

    • Test & Quizzes- 40%
    • Labs & Projects- 40%
    • Homework- 10%
    • Participation- 10%


    If homework assignments are turned in late, they will earn partial credit to no credit.  10% will be subtracted from larger assignments for each day late (i.e. labs and projects).


    If you are absent, you must check the website, or schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Cobb for missed work. It is the students responsibility to obtain and complete any missing hand-outs, notes, or assignments. You have the number of days you were absent to complete missed work. Labs must be made up within one week of the initial absence.


    -Extensions: If for some good reason you need an extension on an assignment come, and see me no later than two school days before assignment is due to request one.

    -Website: Visit my website for extra copies of papers, review materials and more.

    -Extra Help: All are welcome  to attend science "homework help" on Thursdays.  If you need another day please check my availability.