8th Grade Physical Science 

    Expectations and Syllabus

    science Rules!


    Physical science contains two areas of study, chemistry and physics. Active student involvement with the materials and activities is an intrinsic part of student success.


    Teacher Contact: 

     Discovery Team                                                   

    Mrs. Lisa. Cobb                                                        

    lcobb@wssd.org   Room: C311                           

    Phone: (610)892-3470 ext. 7311                          




    Topics covered:

    *Scientific skills and process (scientific method) will be taught in every single unit during the year

    Metric Measurement

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Structure of matter 

    Newton’s laws of Motion 

    Periodic Table of Elements 

    Physical and Chemical Changes 

    Forms of Energy & Transfer between energy. Energy Sources

    Properties of Fluids 

    Atoms, Elements, Mixtures and Compounds

    Components of a Chemical Reaction

    Transfers between Electricity and Magnetism 

    Simple machines, compound machines and mechanical advantage


    Student Responsibilities

     Be on time: The bell indicates that class has started; not a signal to start walking to class.

    Be prepared: Come to class with all appropriate materials and assignments

    Take ownership of your learning : Ask questions when you are confused, find out via google homework site what you missed when you are absent from class, create goals for yourself and evaluate your progress, take academic risks, know the best strategies and methods that will help you learn, and take advantage of after school help when needed. 

    Treat everyone with respect: Treat everyone with respect.  It is important that everyone has an environment conducive for learning. 

    Follow all rules and procedures:  In order to have a safe and organized classroom, it is important that you are always aware of the classroom procedures and follow lab safety rules. 


    Parent Responsibilities:

    • Check agenda books /Google Classroom frequently
    • Check student progress on Power School weekly
    • Check Mrs. Cobb website for important class updates and parent resources
    • Communicate with Mrs. Cobb if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning and progress in science class. 
    • Review with your child the lab safety contract.  Sign and return it.
    • Encourage your child to seek help when needed.  


    Needed Supplies:

    2” or 3” binder with loose-leaf paper/ notebook  

    • The following Items are greatly needed and greatly appreciated but optional
    • Pk. 12 Pencils (will be collected) 
    • 1 container of Clorox wipes (will be collected)  
    • Box of tissues (will be collected) 
    • 1 roll of Paper Towels (will be collected) 



    Grades consists of ”total points” from the following:  Tests, Quizzes, Labs, Anchor Projects, Classwork, & Participation.  All assignments are due by the required due date.  Daily “effort” homework grades will be recorded for progress and feedback, but will not be added to the overall final grade.  LATE assignments will have a deduction of points 10% for each day late.  


    Ongoing Homework/Classwork Assignments

    • Anchor Activities:

    Students will independently choose and compete enrichment activities based on his or her level and interest.  Students are required to complete twenty (20) points by the end of the marking period.  Students may choose from a variety of activities that will be given in class and /or posted on google classroom website. 

    • If you see NONE as an assignment, it means you do not have a specific assignment, but you are expected to: 

    N- review Notes

    O- Organize your binder

    N- do some Non-fiction reading

    E- choose and Enrichment activity (Anchor Activities)

    After school Help

    After school help is by appointment on Mondays, & Tuesdays to ensure small group instruction, and is open to all on Thursdays.  You must let the teacher know ahead of time if you are planning to stay after. Be on time.