• 6th Grade Learning Support
    Periods 3 and 8 
    • Agendas will be reviewed and checked daily.
    • Daily Warm-Up.
    • Students may review homework, concepts taught in content area classes, study for upcoming assessments, plan and work on long term assignments, and receive assistance with time management and organizational skills.
    • Each student works very hard during Learning Center, but they will usually have more homework/studying to do at home.
    • All students are welcome to stay after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:30-3:00 for extra help.



    -To learn the Executive Functioning Curriculum 

    -To become an independent learner and accept responsibility for learning

    -Use the computer as a tool

    -Seek help when needed

    -Come prepared for learning support



     To help students do as well as possible in all subjects

    -          Provide assistance in subject matter

    -          Teach study skills/ test-taking strategies

    -          Teach organization skills

    -          Monitor progress in classes by communicating with teachers

    -          Encourage note taking

    -          Work on time management

    -          Encourage students to form goals and maintain a positive outlook about school

    -          Discuss goals and ways to attain these goals

    -          Monitor progress achieving competency or mastery on IEP goals



    Arrive for class on time

    Come prepared for class

    Complete any assignments

    Respect teacher and classmates

    Speak in a friendly manner



     Each child has the opportunity to earn 5 points each class period

    -          1 point for arriving on time 

    -          1 point for filling out agenda book accurately and completely

    -          1 point for working the entire period/ on task

    -          1 point for being prepared for class

    -          1 point for being respectful and cooperative to teacher and classmates